Monday, February 18, 2013

A Surprise Snowfall

Saturday we were supposed to have baseball tryouts and guess what happened?!  There was snow in the forecast...seriously.  Now I LOVE snow and have been waiting for 2 years for snow, but it really picked an inconvenient time to happen.  As we called all the ball players to let them know about the cancellation, it snowed big beautiful flakes...and not a one of them "stuck."  It quit after about 30 minutes and did nothing for hours.  I figured it was over.  So we took a family trip (minus Corey who was hanging with some friends) to go out to eat and to the mall twenty miles away.  On the way there Corey I got a text from Corey that is was snowing and sticking.  We stopped at Denny's and got rained on as we dashed inside.  By the time they came to take our order the rain had turned to snow.  It snowed so quickly that by the time we finished our meal the parking lot and cars were covered.  Needless to say, our mall plans got cancelled and we headed back home.  We had a few minutes to play in the snow, but it was really too dark so we headed inside after a few.  It was a nice surprise!

 Hannah trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue.

Allie getting snowed on.

 Who doesn't love a cup of hot chocolate after playing in the snow?

The view from my front door the next morning...BEAUTIFUL!

Of course we headed back out the next morning

Getting a snowball ready...

 & throwing them at Dad in the house...

We even found a mysterious snow circle left by aliens...(ok, so its just a hula hoop the kids left out, but it did look funny.)

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