Monday, March 31, 2008

Why I haven't blogged lately (otherwise known as Just Another List of Excuses)

I have been terrribly slack about blogging. I didn't realize how slack until I saw my last blog was February 19. It is not without reason, however. Unlike everyone else I know, I have been extremely busy. No, really. So, to make this easier I have compiled a list as to all I have been doing.

1. It began back in February when in a moment of temporary insanity, I took a 3 day a week sub job at the kids school. Thankfully, that harrowing experience is over. I love my job as stay at home mom and hope to do it for a LONG time after that job. Experience is the best teacher and that job taught me to admire anyone who has to teach middle school.

2. My children have been on spring break for nearly 3 weeks. Enough said.

3. I have become a short order cook. OK, so this is nothing new, but it was brought to my attention that my children view me as just that. One morning they were waiting at the table for breakfast when one of them looked at me and said, "What did I order for breakfast again?"

4. I am an oven. There's a bun in there and if I sit anywhere for any length of time, I fall asleep. That includes the computer, so I better keep going or soon this blog will end without notice.

5. I have developed an unhealthy obsession with "Higglytown Heroes." It began when I saw episode about the mom vacuumming. She popped open her midsection and whipped out a vacuum. I began to think of how convenient that would be. Imagine storing all your cleaning supplies in your midsection and only having to pop it open to clean whatever. You could just gather everything you needed for that day and go to cleaning. (Ok, never mind, that would make most of my excuses for not cleaning null and void.) I also saw these Higglytown Heroes once all hop into the mom. You know how it works, the little hops into the next littlest who hops in to the next size up and so on and so forth until they all hop in the mom. What a fabulous way to get the grocery shopping done. Nobody could fight, wander off, stand up in the buggy, beg for candy or do anything else to cause and otherwise quick and easy shopping trip to turn into pure 7734 (I mean another circus adventure).

6. I am now a WWE ring official. I have broken up enough wrestling matches around here and most of these are faked as well. So I think since the sub thing did not work out, I will pursue this if and when I decide to go back to work.

7. I have grown tired of tying my children up while I use the computer. For some reason they fail to see that this is, indeed, MY computer. I am paying for it, yet they think that they have some God-given right to play Webkinz for all their waking hours. For all of you who may have DSS connections, they are not tied up right now. I am far meaner than that. I have taken it from them, completely, until they realize that have toys awaiting them upstairs.

Well, I'm sure there's more, but I will have to save that for later. Maybe now that I'm back in the habit, you'll hear from me. Stay tuned....