Thursday, January 31, 2008

My first blog

My first blog should be unforgettable so....
I am listening to a Hannah Montana party upstairs. That means my 7 year old has it LOUD and the three of them are dancing! OK, so that doesn't make my first blog unforgettable because that is a daily occurrence. So this should. My announcement.....

THERE IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER OF THEM!!!!! Yes, I am pregnant with #4!! This is some shocking and yet exciting news for all of us! I have always wanted to four and have begun recently to pray for that. Well, normally I feel it takes God a long time to answer my prayers. I'm not complaining - merely stating fact - I've gotten used to it and generally it doesn't bother me any more. SO hilariously, He answered this one quickly- like before I got to tell my husband I was praying for it. OOPS!!

I went for my "first" ob appointment today and found out the baby's due Sept. 21. First is in parentheses because essentially today they only told me my due date and gave me the prenatal info. The lady didn't spend much time going over it. I guess she figured after this many, I've BTDT and knew it all. Oh, yeah, and she told me how much I owe. Yep, it was a thrilling appointment.

My sister, whose children are named Quay and Rayden, is determined to name this one. I think she is nuts if she thinks I am going to let her. So far she has come up with Kellen Lane (her name is Kelly Elaine), Martin (my mom's maiden name), and then some with nicknames. Like Lankford (my MIL's maiden name) - call him Lank or Sawyer and call him Saw (I think she was caught up in the nickname moment). So today while I am in the middle of Wal-Mart, she calls me to tell me what I have to name it if it comes on its due date - HUGO! Now if you are not from SC this may hold no significance to you. It was the worst hurricane we'd ever seen which came through on - you guessed it - September 21, 1989. Now I don't downplay the nastiness of the storm, but it was 19 years ago for crying out loud! No thanks, sis. I think we can work this out on our own.

So that does it. My first post. Yes, it is memorable!