Sunday, August 29, 2010

Circus Update

No, the circus has not packed up and left town. The ringmaster (that being me) has not had taken the time to blog AT ALL. I'm not even sure I know where to begin at this point. Maybe I should work in reverse order.

We are just coming off of Hannah and Corey's performance with the little theater. They do a children's workshop in town every year and this year was Hannah's 2nd and Corey's 1st. They have been practicing since June and ended their workshop with "A KidSummer Night's Dream." It was one of my favorite plays they've been in, truly funny! I will *try* to post some video clips, if that is not technologically too far over my head.

School is going well. Hannah likes her teacher, even though she thought he was going to be scary. Corey is tolerating the time, so far. I just don't know what else to say about that, except that I am genuinely praying that he will start to like school. If you think about it, join me in that one. Allie loves it. She is the social butterfly of the class, and anytime I join them for lunch, she is talking up a storm. They use a little trick called hug and bubble. They are supposed to wrap their arms around themselves and puff out their cheeks to remind them to be quiet when walking in the halls. (Hence they can't hit/touch anyone if they are hugging themselves and can't talk with their cheeks all puffed out.) My cousin and good friend teaches there and let's just say she told me there ain't much bubblin' goin' on.

I am enjoying my days, to be honest. I love the time I get to spend with Jon Tyler and I love that he still naps in the afternoon. It is very different around here, though. Whenever the others went off to preschool, the one behind them was already talking. Jon Tyler is not a talker, at least not too much. The quiet is weird. Refreshing, but weird. You would think I could blog daily and I probably could, if I had enough fun and exciting stuff going on, but I have taken up a few new hobbies, or I should say, resumed old ones. Plus I am trying to use my times when Jon Tyler is asleep wisely. That only happens a little, though. Back at the first of the year, I picked my scrapbooking stuff back up and began to work on a scrapbook of our year. I thought if I started with the new year, I could keep up. How could I have been so foolish? I am up to Easter, so far. It is nearly September. I need to pick up the pace, but scrapbooking led to another hobby - card making. So you see, I am just a woman of too many hobbies. I wish I could teach myself to live without sleep. (only kidding. maybe.)

I will try to do better about updating. Of course, I say that all the time. My kids say little things that I think I should blog, but I don't take the time. I am sorry for disappointing all 5 of you. Til next time...