Saturday, February 9, 2013

Countdown to 13 - Day 13

A picture story...continued  (otherwise known as I'm too lazy to just type our stories and she's so dang cute, you just have to see pictures!)

Hannah's new do...first time with short bangs

 Hannah and Corey went with Dad and Papaw and Jason to the Carolina spring game that year and had a great time.

Hannah's class field trip in 5th grade was to Washington, DC.  Donnie went with her.  They logged a lotta steps on that trip and had a great time together.  

Last Day of School Pic.  Hannah was officially done with elementary school...

...and ready to move on to middle school, as you can see in this first day of school pic.

For our family vacation we stayed at a place near Charlottesville, VA.  Each of our kids got to pick one thing they wanted to do and Hannah chose kayaking.  She and I had a nice time on the water.  We also took a day trip to D.C.and saw some of the sights she and Donnie had seen months earlier and a day trip into Charlottesville. 

Hannah with her cousins in December at PaPa's

I love this photo of Hannah that I took on that same trip to PaPa's.  She took lots of pictures as well.  She really developed an interested in photography and loved trying out my new camera.

 Hannah started playing saxophone in the band in 6th grade.  She started out playing mine from when I was in band.  Here she is at her first concert.

She was a Hunger Games FANATIC! I mean,over the top.  She got me reading the books too, and we went to the movie when it came out.  (I secretly enjoyed it.)

The Hannahs - friends since age 2 

Love this pic.  Don't tell anyone...they really do love each other.  They fight and argue, but what siblings don't?  

The perfect gift for a budding star!

Hannah's 12th birthday party...a skating party!

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