Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Pictures Part 3

Finally, the last of the Christmas pictures! We celebrated with my family the weekend after and had a great time. Enjoy!

Grandmommy with all the grandkids on Christmas Day

Jon Tyler with my cousin Coby

Corey opening his Transformers

Babies & more Babies - how fun!

A Family portrait


Hannah with Aunt Violet and Aunt Rae

My Little Clown

Jon Tyler and PaPa at our favorite Barbeque joint

Allie reading her book

Hannah opening her Hannah Montana sleeping bag set

May the force be with you!

Boys will be boys. My dad showed Corey some tricks with 2 magnetix and he entertained the other boy cousins at my Grandmomma's with this!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Just wanted to share a few pictures of Christmas morning! We do as little as possible on this day and let the kids enjoy themselves. Usually we succeed in getting out of our pjs by suppertime and this year was no exception.

Easy Bake Queen!!

Hannah's new camcorder. Look out iCarly!

I don't know why we bought him anything but Legos and a PS 2 game.

At least the bicycle handle made a good prop for the Legos! Can you tell he is consumed?

Allie opening the only present she really asked for - a Cupcake maker!

Allie's new baby doll liked Jon Tyler's gift, too.

Jon Tyler's new Jumperoo - hours of entertainment

Baby Boy's Best Friend!

Jon Tyler being entertained by a new toy!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve Photos

Christmas Eve at the in-laws (one of my favorite celebrations!)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Not to be outdone

Several months back, my witty friend Chrissy, of whom I am insanely jealous becaue she obviously never forgets her camera, :) stuck a flag in her mountain of laundry and took a picture of it. You may remember, but if not, here it is, published without permission. I hope you don't mind, Chrissy.

Not to be outdone by this, I decided in a moment of I've-been-stuck-at-home-with-4-kids-for-toooooooo-loooooong boredom, to spice up my own laundry. Hope you get a laugh, lest I wasted my time!!

As a bonus, I have a riddle. What does 6 people + winter clothes + not washing for a week equal?

About 10 loads of insanity!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Too "Fancy" not to blog about

Recently Allie was invited to her first official birthday party - a Fancy Nancy party where the girls got their hair, makeup and nails done by our favorite hairdresser, Mrs. Connie. Just thought I'd share a few pics, because they are great! At some point in life everyone needs to be a bystander at a party like this.

All fancied up!

All the party goers!

The birthday girl

No fancy party would be complete without a boa!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rainy Day Rambles and why my new favorite place is Chick-fil-A

Addiction is a crazy thing. Take for example my new addiction to Craigslist coupled with an insane desire/need to get the best stuff for Christmas for dirt cheap. I found a something for Allie today, can't say what because I have an 8 year old who can read and frequently stands over my shoulder at the computer. If I say what then the cat is entirely out of the bag about Christmas ;). At any rate I made arrangements to meet a lady about the thing today, because she lived very near another consignment sale I wanted to go to(yet another addiction). Today, of all days, with 100% chance of rain. And wind. I take 2 children with me who are oblivious, at least in part, get the thing and go to the consignment sale. Did I mention the rain? Yes, the raining all day and no way around it, why is that crazy lady dragging 2 kids out in this weather kind of rain. Not only did I tackle the consignment sale, I decided Allie was good enough for lunch at Chick-fil-A, complete with indoor playground. Consequently, a few others had the same idea (note sarcasm). I think I circled twice trying to find the closest possible parking space. As I struggled to hold the umbrella, get littlest man and his carseat out and coerce Allie to hurry, a kid from Chick-fil-A (Yes, I am getting old enough to call the teenage workers kids) came out with one of the biggest umbrellas I'd ever seen and walked us in. Allie was so amazed she wanted to hold an entire conversation in the parking lot (in the rain). When I got in and thanked the young man, he responded, "my pleasure." I was won over (I'm big on customer service and could go on forever about how it is mostly lacking in modern fast food and various other places). I stepped up and ordered immediately and before I could get my money out of my wallet, my food was on the tray(I did have to search the abyss known as the purse for the wallet, but it didn't take THAT long). A gentleman grabbed my tray, took it to the condiment station, loaded it up with ketchup, napkins and straws and followed me to a table with it. I thanked him to which he responded, "my pleasure." I wondered if I looked that frazzled that I had come out in this weather with 2 children, but then I noticed them walking others in and carrying their trays to the table, so I felt less self-conscious. We ate, Allie played, I sat, people-watched, got a refill from the lady who worked there and offered to get me one (who also said, "my pleasure,"). We got ready to leave, took a potty break and there was my tray friend, this time with an umbrella. He walked us back to the van and waited patiently as I loaded my children. I thanked him (you got it, he said, "my pleasure") and asked it they did this often. He said they normally do this when it rains. I was (am) awestruck. I don't think I've ever been treated so nicely in a public place. It was completely worth my crazy trip to see that customer service is not dead. So I am singing their praises. If you are ever on I-77 near Fort Mill, take exit 85 and enjoy a meal at new favorite place, especially if its a rainy day. Their customer service will knock your socks off.

I found this while searching for the graphic. Now I am endorsing the online store as well. I had no idea the cows were THAT big.

I think you will completely amazed at what's available (hint: a cow pez dispenser. too cool).


You will have to copy and paste, I'm not savvy enough to make it link. If I were good like my friend Chrissy, I could have you click the cow to link you there, but I'm not html-y like she is.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today is kinda cloudy, rainy, dreary, and I have nothing better to do so I thought I would update my blog. (Translation - the baby is not up yet.) I realized I have not posted Halloween pictures yet, so here you go.

A Motley Crew

Fitting that a Drama Queen should be a Drama Queen (Sharpay from High School Musical) for Halloween

Go Gamecocks!
(My niece pointed out that mother in law is in her gown in the background. Sorry, MaMaw, this was too cute not to post)

A Cute Little Tigger!

Sliding at the Fall Festival! Our church has this every year. "Back in the day" we used to have games like you're supposed to at festivals - dart throw, ring toss, bobbin' for apples (who doesn't want to stick their head in a tub full of water and bite into apples that others have already attempted to bite into?)- now we just rent inflatables and let the kids run rampant from one to the other. Where's the fun in that?

My nephew is the little guy in blue. I wish I had a better shot for he was one stinkin' cute pirate. He lives for celebrations and parties, so he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

I saved the best for last. 'Nough said.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Worth the Wait

Well, as you can imagine, I have not had much time to update the blog lately with the new little one. Last I wrote, I was waiting on the hospital and so many of you may figure I've been in labor for nearly 3 weeks, because I left you hanging. I know everyone has been dying to read the birth story so here we go.

First I would like to make a suggestion to anyone awaiting care from a hospital. If everyone you speak to uses the word "chaos" (particularly when refering to labor and delivery) avoid going there if at all possible. I was told they would call me when they had a bed and they did not. So I called them. Let me make a second suggestion - don't do that. We arrived around noon and got settled in. A nurse monitored me and by 2:15 had pitocin running through my veins. Then she disappeared - for a while. Apparently those people who I tried not to hate who were in labor on their own were delivering. The pitocin continued on til about 6:00 when wonderful (and handsome) Dr. Miller had mercy on me and stopped the pitocin for several hours until I could eat supper. Arby's has never tasted so good. At 8:00ish I started pitocin again and spent all night with nothing really, only minor contractions. We actually got a little sleep. By 6:00 the next morning I had decided I was coming home. (By the way, the saying "the darkest hour is just before dawn" has quite a bit of truth. I nearly had a nervous breakdown at this hour.) The heck with the fact that this kid could be massive, I figured he was nicely trying to tell me to wait. Back comes wonderful (and handsome) Dr. Miller and he tells me their going to break my water and I could have this baby by around 11:00. I love Dr. Miller, but I knew his optimism was far too much. Please he was going off call so he would not be delivering the baby, which made us all a little sad. (Can you tell he's my favorite? He also delivered 2 of the previous 3). He told me to get an epidural if I felt at all that I needed it because waiting too long could mean not having one. Thinking the boy was going to weigh 9 lb. 11oz. I followed his advice, got the epidural around 10:30 at 3 cm dilated. And waited. And waited. (He wanted to make sure we realized just how much he was worth the wait.) At 6:30 or so Dr. Hilton (also wonderful, even though this was my first experience with her) gave me 2 hours to get from 8 to 10 cm or she was going to do a c-section. Finally sometime after 8:00 I was 10 cm. Pushing began and Jonathan Tyler made his way into this world at 8:47. I suppose he wanted to join the others in the 12+ hour club. No need to break any records, he figured. He weighed 8 lb. 14 oz. and was 21 3/4 in. long. Just to prove he was worth the wait, here's a few pictures, with more to come, I'm sure.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game began for us on Sept. 8, our newest little ones due date. All day it seemed that I got asked, "When are you due?" Let me just tell you, if you are antisocial and wish to be avoided by people, then answer, "Today." Immediately they are ready to be away from you. I guess for some people, they actually go into labor on their own and have the whole breaking water thing. That has never happened for me and this is #4. I was determined to wait this one out, determined that just once I would get to time contractions, call the parents and grab Donnie from a deep and restful sleep with the words, "Honey, it's time." Fast forward a week - ultrasound shows that little man's estimated weight is 9lbs. 11 oz. I give in. No longer shall I try to wait him out. Now we decide that pitosin shall once again be thrust into my veins and I will get to choose a day for this, or more importantly, which doctor I want to deliver. We pick Thursday and are told to call at 5am. We call and are told to call back at 7:30 because there are no beds. Guess what? Called at 7:30 - still no beds. They tell us, "Don't call us, we'll call you - when we get a bed." Apparently there are others, quite a few who celebrated the holidays and apparently these people were able to labor on their own. I will try not to hate them when I get there, while we are waiting on this kid...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to install mirrors in the bathroom

About, oh, 3 months ago I bought mirrors for the kids bathroom - 3 long ones - not because I didn't think they could share, but mostly because we have a long blank wall in there and it was all I could come up with. I am so not Martha Stewart. So about 2 weeks ago Donnie and I decided we would put them up real fast since we had a day to ourselves. This is where we encountered problem #1 - the mirror brackets were too small. We also encountered problem #2 - we forgot to check at the hardware store for bigger ones. After putting this off for several days, we discovered that they do not make the size we needed. Time for plan B - mirror adhesive tape. Bought some, decided on Friday I was gonna do it or die (some call that nesting). Adhesive tape says I need 1/8 in. per 1/8 lb on mirror. I decided I needed approximately 32 inches per mirror (yes, I weighed the mirror). That is, by the way nearly $9 in tape. I bought a level too since the 3 year old lost mine. Measure, leveled, put on tape, leveled again and stuck it to the wall. Didn't take that long, but I noticed a curious thing while I was taping - a little white tag on the back with the size of mirror and this sentence: "Installation instructions: Screw through molding." (Dear mirror company, Do you think you could have put that in a more conspicous place? or at least alerted installers where to find directions? Sincerely, a disgruntled mirror installer) Didn't bother me because I had already installed 2 of the 3 by this time. Proceeded with tape as planned and this is my handiwork.

Wish I had taken a picture the next morning when they were all neatly leaned against the wall again as they had been for 2 weeks. So to end this saga, the kids and I went to the hardware store to buy white screws for $5 and screwed through the molding. Mirrors now firmly in place, I have this life lesson to share....

All's well that ends well.

(Betcha thought I was gonna say, When all else fails, follow the instructions, but that is not my fault - I can't help the mirror company's mistake)