Monday, July 25, 2011

Wipeout! Party

Corey celebrated his 9th birthday with a Wipeout Party. Yes, Wipeout as in the TV show. We have really enjoyed watching it and when party time rolled around, Hannah suggested we do that for Corey's party. So on July 23, the contestants arrived to compete in our very own Wipeout course, complete with pool, slip n slide, dish soap, shaving cream and trampoline. The kids were timed going through an obstacle course. It was great fun for everyone.

The birthday boy was our first contestant.

The shaving cream was a big hit...I had forgotten its magical powers to turn kids into maniacs.

A few more contestants...

Even the big kid competed. He lost by 2 seconds to cousin Jordan.

The final times...

Jon Tyler gets to hang out with the big kids.

No Wipeout Party is complete without a "Big Balls" cake...

...and presents!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Catchin' Up is Hard to Do

As I looked back over my pictures I realize how very few I have from this summer break. You know that is very unusual for me and I have a simple explanation. I blinked, and summer was gone. We went from this

to this in no time flat.

Secondly we did very little besides swim and you can't take pics in the water. We try to take an end of the summer day trip and this year we took Hannah, Corey and Allie tubing in NC. Jon Tyler didn't meet the height requirements. It was a fabulous trip, but you'll have to take my word for it because, once again, you can't photograph in the water. Next time I will buy a waterproof camera.

So that sums it up, folks. (How's that for an ending?)