Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I have the solution to the recession (or lack thereof, according to George)

Never mind the title, I disagree with George Bush and anyone else who says we're not in a recession. I'm not an economic analyst, but if this ain't one, I don't want one to come. That was just my fine political opinion. Really, I do have the solution.

We need to send our children to work, specifically in sales. My 8 year old has been making potholders like a mad woman after I told her she could sell them in our yard sale, postponed because of last weekend's 100% chance of rain that never happened. They are the ones that have apparently been around for a lot longer than I realized. (My father in law said he used to make them as a child.) So this week she set up shop in the front yard, taped up a sign that advertised "Potholders 50 cents." Within minutes we had our first sale - her friend whose grandparents are our next door neighbors bought one before she even got her sign taped up. The lady across the street bought 2, which put a serious dent in her inventory of 5. To make a long story short, she held another sale today, having finished 2 more potholders, sold 1 to some guy we don't even know. I am trying to believe in the good of people all the while making sure he's not on the register sex offender list. He even paid $1 instead of just the asking price of 50 cents. Another neighbor lady did the same thing, even before hers was finished. After watching the potholder sale this week, I realized children could sell anything, mainly by being cute. Basedon this observation, our children should be selling houses and cars, just to boost the economy. Imagine the outcome. Adult says to child, "What is the asking price of this Escalade?" Child salesperson replies, "$45,000." Adult customer says, "How about is I give you $50,000 for it?" Imagine the implications - instant relief for recession - all because the kid was cute. OK, so maybe the solution would be short lived, like until the first payment is missed and said adult, loses car, but it's worth a try! Anyway, enjoy picture of the cutest sales girl I know.

My funny for the day

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
I am beginning to rethink my shopping practices as my almost 3 year old is playing with her toy cash register. She opens the drawer, slams it shut and proclaims, "Thank you for shopping at Waw-Maht!" Yep, time to curb the shopping!