Monday, January 31, 2011

January by the Numbers (and pictures)

50 (give or take)- laps on the go cart

3 - go kart repairs

1 - trip to the ER (unrelated to the go kart or snow)

7 - inches of snow

2 - new sleds

5 - extra days off from school

2 - days of playing in snow

6 - extra loads of laundry caused by snow

1 - car repair

2 - doctor visits

1 - kidney stone (passed, thank God)

2 - cases of the flu

60 - dollars worth of Tamiflu

0 - dollars left at the end of the month

48 - days until the official start of spring

But who's counting?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Did Ya Miss Me?

You probably didn't even notice I was gone, but I was. So here's the synopsis of our beginning of 2011.

To begin the new year, my pastor introduced the idea of a 21 day churchwide fast. It was up to each person if and how they participated. I would have considering fasting from food but the purpose behind the fast is to take our minds off food and focus on our relationship with the Lord. Considering the fact that I still have to feed 5 other people, I didn't feel like a food fast would be very effective for me. So I chose to fast from all things unnecessary on the computer - meaning no blog, no Facebook, no window shopping. Only bill paying and checking email every few days. I have to say that I was looking forward to it to have a chance to refocus and my time away provided me with just that. At lot of my devotional reading was centered around seeking God. Not by coincidence either. I needed to be reminded of that. I am reading a new book called Jesus Calling. It's a pretty neat devotional book if you're looking for one.

The kids 3 week break got extended to 4 weeks thanks to a monster snow and freezing weather. The day they were supposed to go back it snowed. I am as bad as a kid when it snows. I get giddy from the first mention of the word in the forecast. Corey had a short little emergency room visit during the snow for back pain. He'd been laying around not feeling really well all weekend and on Monday morning he woke us about 4 in bad pain. We thought maybe he had a kidney stone, it tends to run in the family. They checked him for that and appendicitis but thankfully he didn't have either. Turns out to be "digestive issues" and I think you all can read between the lines there. Thankfully he still got to play in the snow.

Jon Tyler has started an early intervention program for speech and will be evaluated by a speech therapist to see if he will need speech therapy to "catch up". He is speech delayed, which means basically not talking as much as he should be but there is no apparent cause (no hearing issues, autism, etc.). He has his first session on Tuesday morning which went well.

Other than that there is little to report on the homefront. While I was fasting, I thought of a hundred things I wanted to blog, but now I can remember them. Go figure. I'm hoping they might return to me and I'll post them. I know you can hardly wait...