Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birthday Boy

Today we celebrated Corey's 7th birthday with cupcakes at school, presents at home and a trip to Burger King (in hopes of scoring Transformers toys, which of course they were out of). His party is Saturday, but we couldn't let this day go by without a little tribute to him. We are throwing off our birthday scrooge-ness and having a birthday adventure, so more pictures will follow the extravaganza. Here are a few from todays festivities.

Looking back through my blog, I noticed that the girls have sweet tributes that involve baby pictures on their birthdays. Hopefully I can round up some baby shots of him by Saturday (he is such the middle child), but as for my tribute, here goes.

Corey, you are my special son. You have shown me that boys can be thoughtful, sensitive and caring. You are already quite a charmer and you speak from your heart. You keep us laughing and guessing what will come next. I could write a book from your one liners and an entire volume of books from the stories you make up. I believe one of your greatest character qualities is loyalty. Once you involve yourself in something, you are diehard and steadfast (ok, obsessive). You are truly a joy! I can't wait to see the man you become! I love you very much!