Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday's Things of Hows and Whys and Whats (I'm soliciting advice)

I's Friday. This is just a generic list of the things that have run through my mind this week. Feel free to give insight or answer.

1. Why am I compelled to keep receipts that show I bought spaghetti sauce, posterboard and underwear on Feb. 5, 2003? Do I really think the IRS is that interested in me?

2. Why must we as a society in general keep receipts to prove we did something? One day I paid for a classified ad at the local newspaper and watched as the lady stapled a cash register receipt to a receipt showing I paid for a classified. She had to search for the stapler and I remember thinking then how futile it was that she had to do all that. Still wondering about that one.

3. What makes boys, particularly 6 year olds, obsessive? My son can make ANYTHING about Indiana Jones or Star Wars. Wonder if I can pay him to find some new hobbies? Tee ball perhaps. Or Boy Scouts (where he can be around other obsessive 6 year olds and explore new obssessions.)

4. Why is Wednesday a day of chaos? Every Wednesday, without fail, I have a "momma's gonna blow" moment.

5. How do I be more "natural"? This one is sparked by a recent episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 where a lady showed her how to make household cleaner out of vinegar and cook lots of organic stuff her kids actually ate?

6. Why do I always make a mess when I'm cleaning out? The paperwork is gonna bury me. See #1.

7. How come I can't get Tuesday laundry put away before time for Friday's laundry and vice versa?

8. How can I be more organized? Really I want answers here. If you got advice, I'm all ears. If you got friends that got advice, I'm all ears. Really. I'm begging.

I've been thinking some more since I originally posted so here goes.

9. Are there really monsters in my children's closets, and if so, are they the ones eating all my hangers? (Mom, if you're reading this, no I do NOT need more hangers).

10. How do you fold a fitted sheet anyway?

11. When Puxutowny Pucksutawny Phil - the darn groundhog- saw his shadow thus granting us 6 more weeks of winter, do we get docked for last weeks beautiful weather? Will there be a "makeup" week? I am trying to plan for the transitioning of winter clothes to spring/summer clothes. This usually takes weeks, causes a clothing traffic jam, and a meltdown (or two).

12. Why do people always look at me when the subject of children comes up? I was at Bible study last night and as they thanked everyone for coming in spite of having to leave their children at home, they looked at me. You'd think I had 4 heads and not 4 kids. (By the way, I am not really upset about this - just wondering!)

13. How do you tell when you are getting old? If watching CNN on Friday night after going to Sonic for ice cream is an indication, I'm so there.

It's late and that's all I got for now. Watch out, though. I might think of more while I'm sleeping.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh, great! I Blinked!

There is that new country song called "Don't Blink" which talks about a 100 year old man and how he advised everyone not to blink or they will miss life. Well, guess what? I blinked. Hannah turns 9 today. I keep thinking of what life was like February 10, 2000 when she was born and it seems almost surreal. I am okay with them growing up most of the time, because is means they are normal (relatively speaking). But on their birthdays I have to remind myself to like this growing up thing. Why does 9 seem so different? She doesn't look different or act different than she did when she was 8. Maybe because she is 1 away from being a decade old. Maybe it is because she is half way to 18 (or worse only 4 away from being a teenager). Where does the time go? I thought today that I would have liked to peek forward just a bit, just to know that it would go so fast, because I would have cherished all those firsts and lasts and in betweens so much more. I am not one to live a life of regret, so I wouldn't change anything at all about the past 9 years, but I sure would like to do them over again - just for fun!

Hannah was definitely the easiest baby. She slept well, all night at about 3 weeks, and remains to this day my only success story about sleeping babies. She had a natural love for people from the beginning and never shied away from anyone. She was and is a drama queen and dives wholeheartedly into whatever she is doing at the time. We refer to her as artsy-fartsy, loves to sing, dance, is learning piano, and writes all the time. She is our valedictorian in training and loves research, reading, and school, to name a few. She is mostly princess but sometimes tomboy, friend to her brothers and sister, and lover of life.

I think she would make her birthday a national holiday if possible and has insisted on a white sweet sixteen donut with a candle in it, getting to sit at the head of the table and so on and so forth because it is her birthday. So today we get to celebrate with her and enjoy her favorite macaroni and cheese and remember what we were doing 9 years ago!


and now.