Monday, June 7, 2010

Momma Brag

We have been busy wrapping up the school year and preparing for a mini vacation, so I haven't had much time to catch up on everyone. Here is a brief synopsis of how bright my kids are (how's that for a momma's point of view?).

Corey - Sometimes I fear Corey gets overlooked, because although he is bright and does well in school, he could really care less. School gets in the way of his play time. I have seen tremendous growth in him this year, and I am thankful that his teacher was patient with him and challenged him all at once. He received a Math Achievement Award, Reading Achievement Award, and Good Writer Award. I am so proud of his academics for this year. He got E's and one S on his report card. He did a great job!

Hannah - Hannah finished out the year with a bang! She got the leading role of Stuart in the play Stuart Little at school. They have been practicing this for the last nine weeks and her performance was the week before school was out. More pics to follow. She won the science fair for 4th grade also for her project about hula hooping. She ended the year with a good report card too!

Jon Tyler - This little guy is now sleeping all night. Finally. And more recently, he has slept in his crib, in his room! I asked his pediatrician about his not sleeping and she recommended the old cry it out method. Thank God we didn't have to resort to this. One night he kept waking up and out of desperation, we just kept firmly telling him to lay back down. Amazingly this worked and after abour 3 nights of that, he was sleeping all night. He is also done with the bottle!! Note the sippy cup waiting on him in the picture. It's his favorite - Toy Story and even though it has Woody on it, he says "uzz" (Buzz) everytime he gets it. He is talking a lot more too. Some of his new additions beside uzz are DaDa, Uh-Oh, Co-co (I think this is for Corey) and Copper (my friend's dog, but he calls every dog Copper). I am amazed when he comes up with a new one, so much that I sometimes miss it. The other day he kept saying "cacka, cacka" over and over. He must've said it 5 times before I realized he wanted another cracker.

Allie - This little stinker has been out of school for a few weeks. They ended the year with pirates and field day. Since then she has been my little helper and sidekick. She has helped in the garden, kept up with her little brother and done lots of household chores with me. She is anxiously awaiting the start of kindergarten, and I am not.