Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to install mirrors in the bathroom

About, oh, 3 months ago I bought mirrors for the kids bathroom - 3 long ones - not because I didn't think they could share, but mostly because we have a long blank wall in there and it was all I could come up with. I am so not Martha Stewart. So about 2 weeks ago Donnie and I decided we would put them up real fast since we had a day to ourselves. This is where we encountered problem #1 - the mirror brackets were too small. We also encountered problem #2 - we forgot to check at the hardware store for bigger ones. After putting this off for several days, we discovered that they do not make the size we needed. Time for plan B - mirror adhesive tape. Bought some, decided on Friday I was gonna do it or die (some call that nesting). Adhesive tape says I need 1/8 in. per 1/8 lb on mirror. I decided I needed approximately 32 inches per mirror (yes, I weighed the mirror). That is, by the way nearly $9 in tape. I bought a level too since the 3 year old lost mine. Measure, leveled, put on tape, leveled again and stuck it to the wall. Didn't take that long, but I noticed a curious thing while I was taping - a little white tag on the back with the size of mirror and this sentence: "Installation instructions: Screw through molding." (Dear mirror company, Do you think you could have put that in a more conspicous place? or at least alerted installers where to find directions? Sincerely, a disgruntled mirror installer) Didn't bother me because I had already installed 2 of the 3 by this time. Proceeded with tape as planned and this is my handiwork.

Wish I had taken a picture the next morning when they were all neatly leaned against the wall again as they had been for 2 weeks. So to end this saga, the kids and I went to the hardware store to buy white screws for $5 and screwed through the molding. Mirrors now firmly in place, I have this life lesson to share....

All's well that ends well.

(Betcha thought I was gonna say, When all else fails, follow the instructions, but that is not my fault - I can't help the mirror company's mistake)

Monday, August 11, 2008

I've been playing again (our trip to Cherokee, NC)

We took a trip to Cherokee, NC this past weekend and even though I would love to be doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and mopping and a host of other chores, I took the time to create a mini scrapbook of our trip, using my new favorite thing - Smilebox. Hope you enjoy!

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just wanted to share a video from 2 of the smartest kids I know.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I've been tagged!

Wow, I feel special! I've never been tagged before, and I'm about giddy. My friend Amy tagged me to tell 5 things I love right now.

My first is my family. Donnie is the love of my life. He is a godly leader, a loving husband, a caring father and a man of integrity. My children are precious to me. I wish I could stop time, but I enjoy each age and stage they go through as well. Hannah is full of life, able to enjoy every moment, a bit dramatic, and passionate about whatever she is doing. Corey is my little man, takes time to enjoy life, is so serious and yet so funny at the same time and never fails to surprise us! Allie is dynamite in a small package, my most cuddly and affectionate and has been since she was born. She is a delight, even if she is a little bossy. And last Jon Tyler - we eagerly await his arrival and the chance to know him.

Secondly, I love to be loved by God. Even when I don't get it right and don't spend the time I should with Him, I am loved. I have been given grace and freedom and forgiveness.

I love my sister. She moved here a year ago and is in a rebuilding process, but I love that God has also rebuilt our relationship. It is far better than anything we experienced growing up. I love that she had the courage to do what she did to protect herself and her son.

I love my house. I am not a materialistic person, so perhaps I should share why I love my house. Nearly 4 years ago we bought it as a foreclosure and it was ROUGH! We spent 3 years renovating (or more appropriately, rebuilding) it. My husband and his father did most of the work - tearing out, plumbing, wiring, moving walls, fixing floors, painting, installing floors, hanging sheetrock - I could go on forever! Before there were 5 of us in 2 bedrooms. I realize most people in the world don't have that much, but now I feel that I have a house that incorporates my desires with my needs. GOd has blessed so much and I look back now and realize there are many lessons we learned along the way and will pass on to future generations!

I love my friends and the techonology that allows me to keep in touch with them. I have been blessed by those I can call at the drop of a hat for prayer, those I can go without seeing for several weeks and pick up where we left off and those I haven't seen in so long but have been able to reconnect with through the internet.

It is hard to figure out just 5 things I love, but what a neat thing to be able to share with others! Now I tag:
Chrissy - because she blogs more than anybody I know
Bess - because it will give her a topic to blog about :)
Michelle - because she is new to the blogging thing and doesn't have enough to do with school - lol!