Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lookee what I learned!!

I've been away at a 2 day workshop about education and technology to keep my teacher certification and let me tell ya, I am now officially tech-savvy! I am cool, super fly, over the top, and plugged in. (well, OK, it would take more than 2 days to do that, but I'm pumped about technology, can ya tell?)

One of the instructors introduced me to smilebox and not a moment too soon. I am sure little man will be making his earlies appearances to family and friends via this cooly website so I made my first slide show today. It is from this past June's vacation at Myrtle Beach. Check back regularly, because I plan to do much more of this. It's so stinkin' cool!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hannah's Reading Award

It's official! I have one of the smartest kids in this county, maybe even the state. OK, so maybe I'm a little biased, but she is pretty stinkin' smart. Hopefully valedictorian smart, but we'll see. For now I just want to brag on her reading accomplishment for the summer. She is the only kid at our branch of the library to win an award for reading 8 books from 8 different categories. She had to choose from things like biographies, technology, and history to modern fiction and historical fiction. She, of course, devoured an American Girl book, a book about Benjamin Franklin, one about the clothing worn during Civil War times and the Stinky Cheese Man, among others. She is so proud of herself. Since school is already back in, Ms. Beth, the best children's librarian in the whole world stopped off by her class so she could give her the medal. Here she is pictured with it -

Just thought you'd enjoy seeing one of the smartest kids in America from one proud momma!

Corey's 6th Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Corey's 6th birthday with a nice (that means small) family party. We are officially birthday party scrooges and enjoy small family parties as opposed to renting the pony and jumping thing. Of course, by the time we invite family, there are at least 6 kids, usually 8, so who has room for other kids? At any rate, here are some pics.

The Birthday boy himself proudly wearing the crown his big sis made him!

Corey & his cake

Makin' a wish!

Hannah insisted on reading all the cards to him!

2 games he got from Aunt Kelly, Quay & Rayden

A New webkinz from Aunt Jamie & Uncle Michael, AJ & Jacob

Believe it or not, the rest of us actually got him presents, but I didn't get good pics of all that. We got him a Gameboy of his very own (hallelujah - no more fighting over the one Hannah got for Christmas), MaMaw & PaPaw got him a nice pair of jeans and new shirt, and Grandmommy got him a Veggie Tales Gameboy game. We had a nice time celebrating with him! It seems so hard to believe that he is already 6!