Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Fell For It

Obviously it is feast or famine on this blog. In May I apparently had lots more free time than any other month this year since I posted as many times in May as the whole rest of this year. Now with summer break in full swing, it is famine. I am presently sitting by the pool listening to pure summmer joy and thinking that my neighbors probably curse the day I got a pool, and I felt the need to share this moment. Allie and her friend Marlee are swimming when suddenly the worse argument occurred. "I'm telling your momma!" "You won't be my friend in first grade!" "Why did I even have to come here today?" "I don't even want a best friend!" It was brutal, I'm telling you. I spent a few minutes debating on whether to intervene or not. I'm pretty much one for letting kids solve their own problems. When it got to the point where I thought feelings were about to get hurt, and I could make it a teaching moment, I called both girls over. I asked them what they were fighting over and Marlee looked at Allie and Allie looked at Marlee and they both said, "You tell her." They started to smile and giggle so I told them they could not laugh 'cause they were mad at each other. Of course, that made them laugh harder. Then they both looked at me and one of them said, "We were pretendin'!" and laughed hysterically. I totally fell for it, and I think tomorrow night when Hannah goes to drama, I'm going to cart them along. I believe they could teach the other kids a thing or two.