Monday, July 25, 2016

New Friends

This precious lady is a new friend to my family and to Corey.  She is just the nicest person and I have enjoyed the two visits I have had with her.  Last week she and her husband came to church with us and we had the joy of having lunch with them.  This week they ate with our family as we celebrated Corey's birthday.  As we were sitting in church the thought came to me that she is the nicest person I wish I didn't know.

It is totally nothing personal; as I said they are wonderful and I'm enjoying their friendship. You see, our meeting was born in tragedy.  Paula was one of the first people on the scene in the wreck that killed my mom.  She and her husband had arrived in South Carolina from Texas only days before, and she was actually looking at houses with her realtor when she came upon it.  She was there when I could not be.  She did not leave Corey until we got to the hospital - insisting on riding to the hospital with him, shielding him from things no one should have to see at 13 or any age, keeping him calm.  I will forever be grateful for her, for the way she ministered to my son that awful day.  I'm so amazed at how God works, because not only did he send us a precious lady to help our son, he sent a sister in Christ.  Worshipping with her and her husband these two weeks blessed my heart, because as hard as this is, I know God has a plan.  I love to watch people worship, truly giving their focus to God and as I've done that, I think it's cool that not only is she a sister in Christ, she gets us.  Worshipping with hands held high in a "not so traditional" church was not a foreign thing to her.  I so love that!  I'm thankful that God has brought us together in this difficult phase, and I know he is going to do great things in all of us.

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